The Aquatic Collection

Your own aquatic center in your backyard.

Imagine being able to swim laps every day without needing to turn, touch, or push off any wall. The Aquatic Aqua Trainer enables you to do just that. With the swim current customized to your swimming level, you can concentrate on enhancing your stroke technique and enjoying the seamless swim. In addition to great seating flexibility, the Aquatic Series presents various options to share this swim spa with loved ones.


Robust Pumps and Swim Jets
Located under the swim jets of Aquatic Series swim spas, there are two 5-HP AquaBoost Pumps and one 4-HP Buoyancy Pump, resulting in the industry's strongest and most reliable swim current.
The use of unique sweep 90-degree elbows, in conjunction with 2.5-inch intake and return, generates a greater volume of water as well as a smoother current.
V-Twin Jet Technology
Hydropool's patented V-Twin Jet Technology generates an extremely powerful swim current of more than 1,400 gallons per minute (a volume unmatched by any other swim spa in the industry). The swim current is incredibly smooth, consistent, and has the widest flow among all swim spas currently on the market.
Programmable AquaPro/AX Control
The AquaPro/AX Control offers two User Programs and two Preset Programs, including Hill Climb and Interval Program. It can adjust the swim current speed from 0 to 10 kph (0-6.2 mph) with ten-speed levels and track the swimmer's calories, time, distance, and speed for visual motivation. It can be customized to cater to swimmers of all levels, from novice to triathlete.
FORM® Swim Goggles
With its optical display, FORM Smart Swim Goggles offer a virtual swim coach experience, showing real-time metrics like time, distance, and pace. The accompanying app allows for personalized tracking, measurement, and customization of your workouts

Recharge Your Spirit

Upgrade your outdoor entertainment and create memories with family and friends. Relax after a long day or host social gatherings in your own personal oasis. Enhance your quality of life today and make your backyard more fun!

The Aquatic Collection Models

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AquaTrainer 19 DTAX
AquaTrainer 17AX
AquaTrainer 14AX
AquaSport 19DTAX
AquaSport 17AX
AquaSport 14AX
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