Heritage 2

Heritage 2

The Viking Spas™ Heritage 2 has all the excellent styling and features of the Heritage 1 with the addition of 10 more jets for additional hydrotherapy in select seats. The design starts with the largest spa with a lounger for the Elite Series. A gorgeous spa deserves all the premier features you could hope for, and the Heritage 2 delivers on every count. With gorgeous looks, luxury features, and attention to the best manufacturing processes, your hot tub will be the focal point of your at-home retreat.

The Heritage 2 awaits with twenty-four LED lights setting the stage for your warm and inviting paradise. The non-slip surface of the SoftTouch™ surface makes moving around your spa safe, and the virtually indestructible surface is a lifetime benefit. The gentle cascade of the Infinity Edge waterfall provides soothing comfort to your senses. Adjustments are easy and convenient with the touchscreen control panel with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Seventy-one jets await up to six adults ready for amazing hydrotherapy massage and recovery. The lounge seat will be a favorite as you recline and enjoy a head-to-toe refreshing and revitalizing massage. The strategic jets work in unison for an extraordinary hydromassage experience. Two spacious corner captain seats welcome you to relax while you experience overall massage therapy. Each seat has the exceptional design as the Heritage 1, with a few more strategic jets added to each seat. A unique Volcano jet is ready to provide a foot massage for your tired feet to relax.

Make your spa experience everything you have dreamed of. We are confident the Heritage 2 hot tub will exceed your expectations.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Spa Jets

Spectrum Jets
Viking Elite Spas offer a large variety of spectrum jets so you can find the seat and jet arrangement to perfectly fit your needs. Elite spectrum jets vary by model but options include cluster, mini, and power jets.
Neck Jets
If you tend to hold tension in your neck, be sure to pick an Elite Series Spa that includes targeted neck jets so you can indulge in a neck massage any time you want.
Volcano Jet
This adjustable jet just may become your favorite. Designed so that a powerful stream of water sprays nearly vertically, the Volcano jet allows you to position yourself over it to target many muscle groups. For instance, you might use it to ease the tightness out of your tight hamstrings or calves one day, and then aim it at your lower back to get some pain relief the next.
The Ozone Jet disperses powerful, pressurized air, transforming spa water into a dynamic massage.
Air X Therapy System
An optional selection for your Viking Spa, the innovative Air X delivers a massage designed for a soft tissue experience. The Air X uses Airnetic engineering to bring air and water together and delivers them through the same jet opening for a comforting feel. The result is a gentle massage that creates a powerful hydrotherapy treatment for tired joints and sore muscles. It calms and soothes them, helping them recover and rejuvenate by combining the two flow patterns of air and water.

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Spa Features

Most Viking Spa™ models come equipped with a premium control system. The face is easy to read and use. The desire to add quality to everything they do led Viking technology to build a control that resists moisture even in difficult environments.
SPATOUCH™ - Innovation Touchscreen Control Panel
The touchscreen panel works seamlessly with the devices and appliances you use every day. It puts your hot tub adjustments at your fingertips. You can set the filter cycle, adjust your lighting, set reminders, and consult the owner’s manual with ease. It is Wi-Fi compatible for use when you are away from your spa or from the convenience of your home or car as you prepare to enjoy the spa.
Balboa Worldwide App - BWA™
With the Balboa Worldwide App, you have basic access to your spa from any location where you have smartphone access. Additionally, both Android and iPhone can also access your spa anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.
Viking Spas™ uses premier LED lighting to create the ambiance and mood you desire for your spa. You have the choice of six colors of lighting to match your décor and setting and to draw you into the glow and warmth of the spa. The corners are highlighted with lighting to illuminate the outside spa skirt. The interior will glow with its own set of perimeter lights and multiple lights that shine below the water.

The lighting not only adds to your overall enjoyment but is also designed to give you a safe view of the interior to avoid mishaps due to darkness.

Heritage 2 Specifications

  • Water Capacity
    370 gallons
  • Control System
    Touch Screen Control System with WiFi Capability
  • Multi-color LED Lights
    LED Lighting System
  • Dry Weight
    650 lbs
  • Primary Pump


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