Legacy 2

Legacy 2

The Viking Spas™ Legacy 2 spa is similar to the Legacy 1 with the addition of ten jets added to the seating. As a member of the Elite series, the design and added features make you appreciate what an elite spa provides for your enjoyment and your wellness goals.

Generous seating for seven adults lets everyone in the family or get together pick a favorite seat. With the no-barrier design, you can swap seats easily and move around the spa freely. Four deep seats await in the corners with configurations of some of the most popular Viking jets. The consumer’s favorite seat is duplicated, so there is no need to rush for these special hydrotherapy seats. In fact, don’t rush because every seat gives you an overall massage you will enjoy. Your back, calves, and feet will feel renewed and refreshed.

You would expect quality features in an Elite spa, and you will find them here. Fifty-one jets will provide the hydromassage relief you came for. The unique SoftTouch™ slip-resistant surface will make moving about the spa safe and comfortable. Waterfalls are everyone’s favorite, so Viking has added the cascading waterfall for your pleasure. Not only is the inside a delight, but the outside will also shine with an inviting glow with the addition of twenty-four LED lights.

The Legacy 2 hot tub will delight you in every way an elite spa should. It will be the hot tub you have waited for, and now you are ready to relax and enjoy.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Spa Jets

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Spa Features

Legacy 2 Specifications

  • Water Capacity
    320 gallons
  • Control System
    Touch Screen Control System with WiFi Capability
  • Multi-color LED Lights
    LED Lighting System
  • Dry Weight
    550 lbs
  • Primary Pump


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