The Sundance® Spas Peyton™ is a feel-good spa awaiting you for restful relaxation and a unique hydrotherapy experience. Seating for six adults gives you room to stretch out in the lounge recliner or sink into one of two large corner seats or those in-between. You will find proprietary jets waiting to caress your body with streams of warm bubbly water for the feel-good sensation. The ergonomic design of the seats supports your body for comfort that lasts all day or night.

A simplified control panel with LED lighting for easy viewing and easy use makes adjusting your spa features quick and convenient. Multi-colored lighting provides mood lighting to enhance the beautiful addition to your backyard getaway. Cup holders add extra convenience for hands-free soaking.

Slip away to the convenience of your feel-good spa anytime, day or night. Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing your relaxation time is a close walk from your door.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Spa Jets

The adjustable DV jets target your calves with a gentle, pulsing massage to provide soreness relief. The rotation of the jet contracts and expands the flow of water for maximum comfort.
The rotating DVR jet delivers a penetrating massage that you can adjust to your preferences.
This stationary neck jet provides a gentle, effective massage. The adjustable faceplate helps you target tense or strained muscles and joints for optimal relief.
These jets contain an adjustable faceplate to help you address your neck, shoulders, and back with pressure point precision. Enjoy a deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension, soreness, and ache.
The DXL jets address your back with a deep, directed muscle massage. The adjustable faceplate helps you better direct the stream to help relieve tension and stress in muscles and joints.
These jets, with their adjustable faceplates, direct strong hydrotherapy to your back and calf jets muscles for optimal relief.
DST jets offer a complete body massage. Currents of water flow in a swirling motion throughout the tub, creating a vigorous whirlpool effect for a muscle-penetrating massage.
DXT jets deliver a deep, powerful massage to soothe sore muscles in your back. The large size of the nozzle makes it easy to adjust the jet for a customized massage.

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Spa Features

The CLEARRAY UV-C technology eliminates 99.9% of all waterborne pathogens from your spa water. This reduces the need for harsh chemicals to keep your spa water clean, clear, and healthy.
The addition of lighting to your 680 Series Spa has a twofold purpose. First, it just looks good. Exterior lighting adds a spark of color in the daytime and a warm glow to the tub in the evening. The interior light helps direct you to your seat and adds a warm glow to the warm water. Every event needs mood lighting, and your soak in a hot tub is an event to remember.

Second, we have added exterior lighting and classic interior lighting for an additional safety feature. With the illumination, it is easier to see as you enter and leave your hot tub. Outside lighting gives you direction on a dark night, and who doesn’t love sitting in your hot tub at night under the stars?
Craftsmanship sets Sundance Spas from so many other hot tub brands. Every step of the construction process follows strict guidelines to ensure a quality finished hot tub.

Your tub has tool-free access to save you time and hassle trying to locate the one tool you need that isn’t in its place.

Acrylic shells are made with the Sundance Rigid Bond™ process, a proprietary process that makes the acrylic stronger while it increases thermal retention.

Sundance cabinets are synthetic and made with high-quality UV resistance for low maintenance. The base, also synthetic, is strong and durable.
SunStrong® Cover
Your hot tub cover prevents heat loss and water evaporation, while protecting your spa. So, it pays off to have the best cover possible – and that’s the Sundance Sunstrong Cover! It’s incredibly durable while being 25% lighter than other covers. When you need a new cover, make it a Sunstrong.
Water Care
Every hot tub owner wants to open the cover to their hot tub and be greeted with crystal clear and sparkling clean water. Water care worries are for other hot tubs, but not Sundance Spas. With the exclusive MicroClean® Mini Filtration System, your water circulates through the filter to clean away contaminants and debris. With the assistance of the Slipstream™ skimmer, the water in your hot tub will be fresh and ready for your soak.
With the six 680 Series models, seating won’t be a concern, and you will quickly find the right seating pattern to suit your lifestyle. Two to six adults fit comfortably with three models for open seating and three with a lounge seat. Once you decide how many people will be enjoying your hot tub with you, you will have an idea of how large and what type of seating arrangements suit you best.

Peyton® Specifications

  • Seat
  • Water Capacity
    325 gal / 1230.26 liters
  • Dry Weight
    736 lbs (333.84 kg)
  • Primary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 2-Speed/2.5 HPContinuous, 11.0A Max., 56 Frame
  • Secondary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 10A max., 56 Frame
  • Diverter Valves
  • Filtration System
  • Filters
  • Water Management System
    CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + MicroCleanMini Filtration


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