Save up to $4,300 on a Hydropool Preorder Staycation Sales Event

Save up to $4,300 on a Hydropool Preorder Staycation!

Get your backyard set for the fall and winter with a Hydropool Swim Spa and SAVE! For a limited time, take advantage of our Hydropool Preorder Staycation Sales Event and save up to $4,300. Choose from a wide array of Self-Cleaning and AquaPlay models that are all energy efficient and offer year-round access. Our swim spas will exceed your expectations with superior ergonomic design, require less maintenance and operate for pennies a day. Meeting your unique needs is our specialty. At Goodall Pools & Spas, we strive to make your swim spa experience exceed your expectations. Stop in one of our five stores located in Central Pennsylvania.

Hydropool Swim Spas for Year-Round Enjoyment

Benefits of Owning a Hydropool Swim Spa

The Perfect Swim 

There are several steps that go into Hydropool creating the perfect swim. First is the pump design and location. The pumps are located as close to the swim jets as possible to produce maximum water flow. Hydropool also relies on their patented V-Twin swim jets to produce a wider, smoother, and more predictable swim current. The V-Twin jets push out over 1,400 gallons of water per minute!

The AquaPro Control also contributes to the perfect swim. This control allows users to do interval training and custom workouts for beginners to triathletes. Another feature of Hydropool swim spas is the Aquachannel Shell Design. The AquaSport and AquaTrainer models have “hips” in the shell, while the Executive models have a “current collector” at the end. Both design features prevent a reflective wave from going back toward the swimmer.

This year, Hydropool also released their very own “Water Watch.” The Water Watch is like a coach on your wrist that tracks distance, calories, heart rate, etc. This watch is made specifically for swimming in a swim spa. You can also analyze your performance and use the Water Watch to compete with others.


Hydropool is also known for their self-cleaning technology. Self-cleaning starts with the Hydroclean filtration jets. These jets move surface debris to the skimmer. Next, the in-floor cleaning system uses floor jets to push debris to the in-floor Vacuum. Hydropool swim spas also have pressurized micro-filtration that cleans 100% of water in 40 minutes. Additionally, there is a “self-clean mode” indicator located on the touchpad. This indicates that the self-clean mode is active and reassures the user that the spa is cleaning properly.

Energy Efficiency

Hydropool swim spas are made in Canada. This means that energy efficiency is a top priority, especially during long Canadian winters! Their swim spas also have tapered, insulated, locking covers that are made to retain heat. Hydropool swim spas also include full spray foam insulation, a hard bottom, and thermal shield insulation on the inside of the cabinet that reflects heat back into the swim spa. Hydropool also uses high flow-low energy pumps that use 30% less energy compared to a standard pump. Every Hydropool swim spa also has adjustable vents that can be opened or closed on the sides of the cabinet to maximize efficiency in any season or climate.


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