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How much previous experience have you had with swimming pools?

Why are you interested in having a swimming pool at your house?

What brought about your contact with Goodall Pools, Inc.?

Goodall Pools has five store locations to serve as support centers for your ongoing needs and supplies. Please indicate which location would potentially be most convenient for your patronage:

When you look outside and imagine your new swimming pool, what do you see?

What type of pool surface would you be interested in?

When considering the ideal size of the pool, how many people would you like to comfortably have in the water at the same time?

Are you interested in any of the following “attachments” to the Pool?

Pools can now be built to be almost entirely “maintenance free”; would any of the following “serviceability” items be of interest to you?

The “look” or “aesthetics” of the pool can also be greatly enhanced in a number of ways. Would any of these be of interest to you?

Considering the patio or “deck” surrounding the pool, which of the following materials is most appealing to you?

Considering now the overall setting of the pool, would you be interested in the addition of other structures such as the following:

At Goodall Pools, Inc., we often serve as a general contractor for the entire project; designing, coordinating and supervising the development of everything involved. Which of these following services might you like us to provide you?

An anticipated budget-range for this project would be:

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Please rank the following priorities in terms of their importance to you. Please select from 1 to 5 (one being the most important, five being the least):

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