The Sundance® Spas Altamar® spa is part of the elite group of the 880™ series. This elegant spa will wow you with a number of exclusive features, stylish good looks, and comfort designed to give you a one-of-a-kind spa encounter. With seating for six adults, a deluxe lounge seat, illumination, aromatherapy, and many more unique features, your Altamar spa will be the focus of your yard and your source of relaxation.

The lounge seat calls you to relaxation. The back jets will relax and refresh tight and sore muscles while the hip, calf, and thigh jets work on your legs. Wrists get refreshed, and feet get a gentle massage. The entire encounter is similar to a Swedish-style full-body massage. You won’t want to leave, and it will soon become the seat you can’t wait to slip into.

But then you try the exclusive Intelli-Jet™ Therapy Seat or Accu-Ssage™ Seat, the deepest seat for full-body immersion, and the decision of where to sit becomes harder. The unique array of jets will increase circulation for muscle recovery, reduce soreness and promote overall relaxation. The foot dome with open access for all chairs relaxes your sore and aching feet. By adding the SunScents™ Aromatherapy, an optional source for refreshing scents, your soak will smell as good as it feels.

The stunning SunSide® cabinetry is sleek and clean, and the corner lighting adds elegance to the cabinet and also ambiance for your spa space. It also adds a distinctive architectural appeal with the modern design and added safety. At a glance, the quick indicator light tells you your hot tub is ready to use.

The Altamar spa offers everything you could wish for in a hot tub to become your favorite at-home space. It will become a feature you can’t wait to come home to.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Spa Jets

Fluidix® Jets
Fluidix® jet technology, an exclusive feature for Sundance® Spas, is a patented jet design. It lets you adjust the water for a pulsing massage of a steady water flow to produce maximum comfort. They are designed with no bearings. Bearings can wear out and clog the moving parts of a jet. Choose from a selection of styles for deep tissue with a strong, deep, kneading effect, muscle release with circular, rhythmic, and kneading touch, and the feel of gentle fingers on pressure points, to name just a few.
Vortex jets provide a unique rifling action with a high to low impact for targeted therapeutic relief. Enjoy an invigorating, swirling feel with the freedom to adjust the stream pressure and intensity with a turn of the jet. It has a bearing-less design to promote longevity and is engineered to perform well without moving parts.
Pulsator jets target the palms and wrists with a pulsing, gentle massage. The soothing pressure helps relieve pain and reduce the tenderness of carpal tunnel syndrome.
These jets produce a whirlpool motion like the kind athletes use for relief from intense pain. Enjoy a robust, deep muscle massage to penetrate intense pain. These jets are engineered to offer a hydromassage without the added complexity of moving parts.
The exclusive Silent Air® Blower combined with a jet pump produces a large quantity of soothing bubbles to relax and refresh. The pump can be used alone to create a concentrated massage. Similarly, the blower alone produces an effervescent effect. A small, light stream of bubbles is used to diffuse the SunScents fragrance to surround you with aromatherapy.
These stationary jets target your shoulders, back, neck, calves, and feet. The jet stream focuses on deep tissue massage for the relief of joint pain and muscle tension. These durable jets are built for long-lasting use with no bearings to wear out

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Spa Features

Advanced Controls Make Your Spa Easy to Use
The latest technology and improvement make your Sundance Spas an effortless pleasure to use. The 880 Series hot tub models are designed for elegant looks and with simplicity in mind.

The technology for the smartphone inspired the concept of the i-Touch Glass Control panel. The easy-to-read icon images are combined with a colored touchscreen to make menu control elegant and simple. The lighted panel keeps your viewing easy day or night. Set your hot tub preferences, then relax knowing your selections are ready for use.
Lighting and Waterfall
Enjoy every moment of hot tub pleasure with relaxing elements like stunning lighting and waterfall features. Exterior cabinetry is accentuated with an intricate design, and the corner lighting adds interest and a warm glow for nighttime enjoyment and safety.

Integrated LED interior and accent lighting add to the appeal you desire for quiet evenings and outdoor events. Waterfalls add soothing sounds and visual beauty while the water flows gently around you. Experience pure relaxation with enhanced features that add elegance and ambiance.
The CLEARRAY UV-C technology eliminates 99.9% of all waterborne pathogens from your spa water. This reduces the need for harsh chemicals to keep your spa water clean, clear, and healthy.
Sundance Spas takes pride in its innovative and unique craftsmanship. It starts with a SunStrong® Cover designed for a tight fit that keeps heat in and debris out. It reduces the amount of energy required to run your spa. The efficient heating elements keep your spa at your perfect temperature while increasing efficiency.

It is quick and easy to access your drain and interior components without searching for tools with tool-free access. It saves time and energy and lets you move on to enjoying your spa.

Shells are manufactured with the proprietary Rigid Bond™ process that makes the acrylic stronger. It also increases thermal retention.

Exclusive SunSide® and SunStrong® cabinets are high-quality synthetic cabinets that are UV resistant, low maintenance, and extremely durable. The synthetic base is the foundation used and is impervious to the elements, moisture, and nature.
SunStrong® Cover
Your hot tub cover prevents heat loss and water evaporation while protecting your spa. So, it pays off to have the best cover possible – and that’s the Sundance Sunstrong Cover! It’s incredibly durable while being 25% lighter than other covers. When you need a new cover, make it a Sunstrong.
With the seven 880 Series models, you are sure to find the seating option that fits perfectly for you and your family. Each model combines a varied layout with a diverse selection of jet configurations and patterns. You can seat from 2 to 6+ adults in the different models and have lounge and no lounge options. Do you like to face your spa companions, or would you rather recline in a quiet lounge in solitude? Do you plan on lots of family and company, or do you prefer to soak alone to refresh from a long day? The answers will help decide the size and amount of seating best suited to your lifestyle.

Altamar® Specifications

  • Seat
  • Water Capacity
    390 gal / 1476.31 liters
  • Dry Weight
    875 lbs (396.89 kg)
  • Primary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 11.3A Max., 56 Frame
  • Secondary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 11.3A Max., 56 Frame
  • Diverter Valves
  • Filtration System
  • Filters
  • Water Management System
    ClearRay Active Oxygen™


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