The Sundance® Spas Chelsee® spa is the largest capacity hot tub in the 780™ Series with room for six-plus adults. It also has the most specialized seats.

The SMT Seat is a series exclusive. It emulates the feeling of a hands-on massage designed to relieve the neck and back. Accu-Pressure™ Seat features jets for deep-tissue pressure designed for relief from fatigued muscles and to lower stress and tension. The foot dome helps with foot fatigue and is easy to reach from every seating position.

You will get the benefit of the exclusive Fluidix® Jets and the ability to adjust them for low or high-impact pressure. Added to the unique seats, you are sure to get a wellness boost and a relaxing soak. The LED lighting of the multicolored SunRay™ system will make the water shimmer with color and help you have a safe soak. The AquaSheer™ waterfall is sure to add an appealing extra to a spa already packed with features.

Feel your tension and pain fade. The memory of a great hot tub will call you back again for your next visit and one more opportunity to enjoy the Chelsee Spa.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Spa Jets

Fluidix® Jets
A unique advancement for Sundance® Spas is the Fluidix® jet technology provides a unique combination of water and air to deliver motion, massage, and power for an exceptional feel. Each jet placement is designed to reach specific pressure points used by massage therapists. The design is bearing-free, so they last longer than parts that can clog and wear out. Stainless steel trim is standard with these jets, and since they do not have moving parts, the movement is created by the water and air. The SMT Fluidix™ jets simulate the feel of a hands-on massage.
Vortex jets provide a unique rifling action with a high to low impact for targeted therapeutic relief. Enjoy an invigorating, swirling feel with the freedom to adjust the stream pressure and intensity with a turn of the jet. It has a bearing-less design to promote longevity and is engineered to perform well without moving parts.
SMT™ Micro Adjustable
These adjustable jets provide the ultimate neck tension relief without any moving parts. These jets use a medium-sized spiral action massage designed for small joints and muscle groups. Customize the pressure control and adjust the face for optimal effect.
Mini Vortex™
A Sundance exclusive, the Mini Vortex jets produce a high and low-contact therapeutic massage without the need for moving parts. The invigorating swirling sensation in the water combined with a unique rifling action motion provides optimal massage. The jet is adjustable to provide your choice of massage and intensity.
These stationary jets target your shoulders, back, neck, calves, and feet. The jet stream focuses on deep tissue massage for the relief of joint pain and muscle tension. These durable jets are built for long-lasting use with no bearings to wear out.

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Spa Features

Lighting and Waterfall
Lighting features can take a spa from average appeal to making a beautiful statement in your backyard of opulence and luxury. The 780™ Series spas are designed and crafted with beautiful SunRay™ lighting that uses multicolor LED lights for not only a glow that will illuminate the interior of the hot tub, but create a mood for your entire outdoor backyard escape.

Waterfalls also add a peaceful and soothing sound and a gentle touch as you relax in the spa seating. The AquaSheer™ waterfall is a standard feature in the 780 Series. It is part of the Sundance® Spas belief that every spa is worthy of luxury features.
The CLEARRAY UV-C technology eliminates 99.9% of all waterborne pathogens from your spa water. This reduces the need for harsh chemicals to keep your spa water clean, clear, and healthy.
Control Panel
The control panel is an important feature of any hot tub. It can make access easy and efficient or cumbersome. Sundance® Spas strive toward advanced technology in the design and function of every feature in their spas, including the control panel. The 780™ Series has an electronic control panel on the top bar of each spa with easy-to-read, understand, and adjust icons to represent the available features. The illumination makes reading the functions simple, even at night.
Sundance® Spas set exceptionally high standards for craftsmanship in every step of design and manufacturing. Each spa is built and guided by strict guidelines. The spa’s SunStrong® cover is an important feature to retain heat in your spa and keep your heating bill low. Additionally, the cover helps to keep your spa debris free, so a close-fit cover is a must.

Entry to the interior of your spa has tool-tree access. Time savings is valuable to us and to you, as you maintain your spa.

Sundance acrylic shells are created using their Rigid Bond™ process. This proprietary process makes acrylic stronger and increases thermal retention.

The durable and strong cabinet is a synthetic material. It is low maintenance as a result of the high-quality UV-resistant material. The base is synthetic as well for strength and durability.
SunStrong® Cover
Your hot tub cover prevents heat loss and water evaporation while protecting your spa. So, it pays off to have the best cover possible – and that’s the Sundance Sunstrong Cover! It’s incredibly durable while being 25% lighter than other covers. When you need a new cover, make it a Sunstrong.

Chelsee® Specifications

  • Seat
  • Water Capacity
    400 gal / 1514.16 liters
  • Dry Weight
    873 lbs (396 kg)
  • Primary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous,12.0A Max., 56 Frame
  • Secondary Pump
    North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 11.0A Max., 56 Frame
  • Diverter Valves
  • Filtration System
  • Filters
  • Filter Type
    Two-stage MicroClean® filter, 20" Slipstream™ Skimmer
  • Water Management System


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